Welcome to my website! I am a musician, small time YouTube guy, freelance product demonstrator and all round gear nerd from the UK. If you are reading this I’d imagine you’ve stumbled in from either Instagram or YouTube, or I’ve told you to check it out to get the hits up… Hi Mum!

I spend most of my time on the road playing guitar and/or bass with various acts & bands, gigging all over the UK and abroad.. at least before Covid19. For now I’m spending most of my time creating content for YouTube, recording remote sessions or putting out the occasional bit of my own music (Check out ViralGrooves if you haven’t already).

As well as remote sessions, I have also started to offer online guitar lessons and ‘remote tech support’ for the Kemper and other guitar gear setup issues. If you happen to be interested in any of that stuff just drop me an email here or hit me up on Instagram. Any sounds or downloadable content featured on YouTube will be available on this site in my little web shop.

Thanks for your support!