I purchased your profiles but I didn’t get a link to download them. Where are they?

This comes up occasionally, but don’t worry, you haven’t been forgotten. Please try the following before emailing as it’s almost always resolved by one of these:

  1. When you’ve completed your purchase, there is a link right there on the confirmation page to download the profile pack. Missed it? No worries…
  2. If you created an account when you made a purchase, you can log in to your account and retrieve all previous downloads that way. If you didn’t create an account at the time of purchase, it’s not too late! Create one now and then send us an email (from that same email address used to purchase the item and set up the account), and we’ll connect the order up to your account so you can retrieve the download.
  3. The email that confirms your purchase from us (not your PayPal email, the one from us direct) has a link to your download. If you don’t have this email, please check your junk mailbox as it may have ended up in there. We try our best to ensure deliverability but sometimes this still happens.
  4. If you think there’s any chance you may have typed your email address incorrectly when ordering then do contact us from the correct address and we’ll track it down for you.

If all the above have failed for you, then do please send us an email and we will get you your download, even if we need to bring it round on a USB stick!

I’ve purchased some profiles. Now what?

Once you’ve downloaded your profile pack, you’ll need to unzip the file. Then you’ll be left with a series of files (in folders depending on the pack). Open up Rig Manager and you’ll be able to either drag the files straight in, or if you prefer you can go to File > Import Rigs and then choose all of the ones you’d like to import. They’re now stored in your Rig Manager, but not on your profiler by default. If you have any trouble with any of this there are lots of resources online on using Rig Manager, or you can drop us an email if you’re really stuck.

Can I get some help with my setup?

For sure! If you want help getting your gear to work for you (this doesn’t have to be a Kemper, it could be any guitar or bass setup) then get in touch and we’ll arrange something.

Do you do guitar lessons?

Yeah if you’re interested in guitar lessons then send us a message and we’ll arrange it all for you. Everything can be tailored around your needs.

Are you available for session work?

Absolutely! Remote sessions are available so just get in touch with your ideas and we’ll definitely be able to work something out.

I made a pedal, would you demo it for me?

Please get in touch if you want to discuss demos of products.